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If it is not broken, why fix it?

Organisations often do not like to change the way they work. When things are moving along without any glitches or major hurdles, they prefer to deal with smaller issues on an ongoing basis. Very often, the management expects and accepts small problems as a part of doing business. Many a time, it is not even problems, but small inefficiencies in the system that go unnoticed. As long as these do not cause serious problems or delays in the business process, they are largely ignored.

However, with the dynamic change in the business environment, any business has to respond rapidly to the challenges of the marketplace. At such times, a business cannot afford to let small inefficiencies cause unnecessary delays. Also, the effect of small problems in different parts of the business ecosystem, in isolation, may not be much. But the combined effect of these may be enough to overturn the most stable enterprise.

A new way of doing things – a new business process, a new packaged applications/software– all are investment intensive. Investment of money, time and effort from a large section of the organisation is often required and that is precisely where the customer – vendor disconnect begins.

iApps Consulting offers only the best consulting services for your Oracle ERP, HCM, CRM and application needs. Our expert advisers take time out to understand your business, process Organisation and technology environment. We only propose solutions that address all your requirements. Technology decisions are taken in consultation with all stakeholders – after meticulous research on the suitability of each to the business situation at hand.