Oracle ERP, CRM & HCM as a Service (SaaS)

Developing, implementing and maintaining an enterprise wide system is certainly not an easy task. While development and implementation of a solution can be regarded as a one-time activity, on-going maintenance of the solution is a recurring exercise. It is also very likely that the cutting-edge solution of today is superseded by a new and un-heard of technology in the near future. Obviously your budgets do not allow for frequent changes in the enterprise solution – but running a business with an outmoded solution will certainly not give you the cutting edge over your competition.

Our solution is simple – we own the solution, applications and run and maintain it for you. You pay only for what you use. And if you want to scale up and use more – we certainly have the capacity to scale up on demand. Since the solution belongs to us, the on-going maintenance and modernization becomes our responsibility. You do not incur any capital expenditure, only running costs. It’s exactly like being able to drive a car whenever you like by only topping it up with fuel, but not really owning the car. When you don’t own the car, you don’t pay for the service and upkeep and you do not even have to pay for upgrading to a newer model.